Booker's 2023-04 The Storyteller Batch 750ml
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Booker's 2023-04 The Storyteller Batch


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Category Bourbon
Origin United States, Kentucky
Brand Booker's
Alcohol/vol 63.9%
Proof 127.80
The color of "Storyteller Batch" is a rich amber with a golden shine. Sitting in your glass, the scent of a great bourbon fills the room and invites you to further explore the brown sugar aroma. The taste is delightful and well-balanced, with notes of vanilla and wood. I tasted this batch on a drizzly September day. There was a slight chill in the air and it reminded me that fall is just around the corner, and this bourbon has the perfect warm finish for the days to come. A little bit of water further opened the tasting experience for me, but you can enjoy it any way you please. Storyteller Batch is just the way Dad would have wanted it when he created this brand over thirty years ago - I can almost hear him telling one of his great stories while he sips a glass of his own. I hope you enjoy this batch as much as I do!

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