Triple Eight Distillery Gale Force Gin 750ml
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Triple Eight Distillery Gale Force Gin


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Category Gin
Origin United States, Massachusetts, Nantucket
Brand Triple Eight Distillery
Alcohol/vol 44.4%
Proof 89.00
Gale Force Gin is the first entry in Triple Eight Distillery's 'Storm' series. Named after the winds preceding storm conditions, a gale is signaled by two red pennants in the coastal warning display program, which is illustrated on the Gale Force Gin label. There are more classic cocktails made with gin than any other spirit. Gin, unlike other spirits, is meant to be served as a cocktail. Mixing gin allows the botanicals to come to life and adds complexity to a drink. All gin uses juniper as its main ingredient. After that, it is up to the distillery. Triple Eight Distillery uses nine botanicals making Gale Force Gin. Juniper is obvious in the scent and taste, but quickly gives way to citrus overtones. The Gale Force is done in a classic London Dry style yet the presence of angelica and orris root give a touch of sweetness. Grains of paradise contribute to a slightly peppery finish. At 88.8 proof it can go toe to toe with typically overpowering mixers like campari or a potent tonic water. It makes a sublime Negroni and an excellent gin and tonic.

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