Champagne Lallier R.018 750ml
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Champagne Lallier R.018


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Category Sparkling Wine
Origin France, Champagne, Ay
Brand Champagne Lallier
Alcohol/vol 12.5%
Proof 25.00
Light golden color with jade reflections. Fresh and intense citrus aromas, with notes of ripe fruit, acacia flower and a touch of honey. A lively and fresh opening, with generous and intense character. Clean, long finish, with a slightly silky texture. From our Réflexions R Champagne collection, reintepreted year after year to reflect the unique character of each harvest. R.018 is the heart of Lallier signature style, the perfect balance of our four atmospheres: Freshness, Purity, Depth and Intensity. The harvest of 2018, which makes up 70% of Réflexion R.018 offers intense fruity notes with a delicate sweetness. The remaining 30% is made up of reserve wines from the 2014 and 2017 harvests, each dominated respectively by intensity and fruitiness.

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